Services include: SEO; Website Design; Responsive Layouts; Email Setup and Hosting!

My services range from working with Western New York Small Businesses to improve their web site, developing a simple web site, building a responsive web site (adjusts to the size of the screen), SEO, email help, web hosting and domain research and purchase.

If your web site is not helping your business, I can sit down with you and make suggestions as to what the issue might be. If you fill out the form on the Contact Page and put in your web address, I'll be happy to review it and make suggestions.

A simple informational web page with a few pages (5 or less) is very inexpensive. That's all you need to have a web presence and allow people to find your business and contact information. I work with business owners to develop web sites that focus on their core customer type and helps search engines find them.

If you're looking for more bells and whistles, let's talk. I can help you develop your website and get you up and running fairly quickly. If your needs are too complex. I can refer you to local businesses I work with, or consult with them to get what you need. Fill out the form on the Contact Page and I'll give you a call.